About Our Adult Campus

Life can be very difficult to navigate. For many reasons, we sometimes choose a path that leads us away from our happiness. This path may have many obstacles that keep us from getting back on track. But at Holly Hill Hospital we know that there is a path to wellness and happiness inside each and every one of us, and that it cannot be taken way.

At Holly Hill, we are here to help you or your loved one get back on the best path to wellness. With a staff of clinicians experienced in the fields of mental health and addiction, Holly Hill is a source of support for our patients, their families and the communities we serve.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, Holly Hill has equipped patients with the skills needed to return to their communities healthier and happier for more than 35 years. At our Adult Campus we treat only patients are ages 18 and older and our facility boasts features such as a gymnasium and outdoor green spaces. Patients under the age of 18 will be seen at our children’s campus.

For more information about our mental health or substance abuse treatment programs please call us now at 800-447-1800.