About Our Children’s Campus

Holly Hill Hospital’s Children’s Campus provides excellent treatment programs that provide strong communication with families and support systems. These programs can help your child or adolescent get back on the best path to wellness. With a staff of clinicians experienced in the fields of mental health and addiction, Holly Hill is a source of support for our patients, their families and the communities we serve.

Holly Hill Hospital’s Children’s Campus is designed specifically for kids and adolescents. The treatment is centered around the philosophy that the best behavioral healthcare is comfortable, nurturing and even a little fun. Our hospital provides lots of outdoor play areas including walking trails with exercise equipment, a basketball court and even a playground for our youngest patients. Our staff is able to utilize these outdoor areas, along with indoor activity areas such as a game room and gym, to provide recreational therapy and a reward based treatment program. This treatment model, when coupled with traditional group therapy, can provide a strong backbone of coping skills to help children and adolescents make the best choices after their graduation from Holly Hill.

The Holly Hill Hospital Children’s Campus is located at 201 Michael J Smith Lane in Raleigh, North Carolina. All patients 17 and under should come to the children’s campus for assessment and/or admission. Learn more about our adult programs for patients 18 and above here.

For more information about our mental health or substance abuse treatment programs please call us now at 800-447-1800.