Explore, Discover, Connect

The Explore, Discover, Connect Phase System is a rewards-based program designed to empower patients to take a proactive role in his or her own treatment. There are three phases leading up to graduation that each patient must complete.


Each phase offers specific patient privileges for those who meet the goals and criteria for advancement.

During Explore, the patient will answer the questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” Explore goals include writing a personal Life Story and being able to recite THE BIG FIVE, a set of basic life values for how we treat others and ourselves.

Once the patient has a stronger understanding of how their personal history has affected him/her up to this point in life, he or she will move into the Discover phase.

During Discover, the patient will answer the question: “What can I learn?” Discover goals include the identification and explanation of triggers and development of appropriate coping skills.

Once the patient has visualized their ideal life and the steps to take to realize this life, they will move into the Connect phase. The Connect phase provides patients the opportunity to develop longer term goals, employ the coping skills they identified during Discover and serve as a role model for their peers.

In order to graduate, the patient must be able to define their diagnoses and list and explain the benefits of any prescribed medications. The patient must also complete a behavioral contract with their parents or guardians and review their Safety Plan with their Therapist.