Treatment Trails

All adult, inpatient programs at Holly Hill Hospital follow the Treatment Trails journey to wellness. Treatment Trails is a strength based approach that works to meet patients where they are in their recovery and bring them on to a healthy path that they continue following after discharge. There are 4 main goals for each phase of the Treatment Trail:

√  Treat and reverse symptoms leading to hospitalization.
√  Gain a better understanding of what events, circumstances and decisions led to the admission.
√  Identify and re-affirm strengths.
√  Plan for future success.

Each patient starts their journey on Foundations and may progress based on individual insight and ability to use coping skills in problem solving. The 3 phases of the Treatment Trails are outlined below:


pebbleFOUNDATIONS: In this phase, patients should follow basic expectations of care and are encouraged to identify their life goals.



pathPATHWAYS: Individuals in this phase demonstrate an initial insight into their illness. They will begin to understand how to utilize their strengths to overcome their illness.



mountainDESTINATIONS: Individuals in this phase demonstrate the ability and commitment to consistently utilize their coping skills and strengths.