Resources For Families

Resources for Families:


What to Expect During Hospitalization:

During Admission:

The Holly Hill Hospital Assessment and Admissions Departments are open 24-7, 365 days a year.  All assessments are offered free of charge. During the assessment process the patient will complete registration paperwork, discuss his/her medical history with a nurse and speak with a mental health clinician. The admission and registration process is around 2 to 2.5 hours but varies according to the patient volume.  Patients ages 4-17 will be treated at our Children’s Campus; Patients 18 and older will be treated at our Adult Campus.


During Their Stay:

Patients work closely with their Treatment Team in a group setting to identify triggers, coping skills and a strong plan for continued success post-discharge. Each Campus and unit offers patients a schedule that supports their level of development and diagnosis. Led by a psychiatrist, our Treatment Teams also consist of nurses, therapists and mental health technicians. The goals for each patient are the same:

  • Treat and reverse the symptoms leading to admission.
  • Gain a better understanding of what events or decisions led to their hospital admission.
  • Identify and re-affirm strengths.
  • Plan for future success.


At Discharge:

Your family member’s physician will determine your family member’s discharge date with input from the treatment team. Patients collaborate with their Treatment Team to create a Discharge Safety Plan. This plan includes appointments with outpatient providers to continue medication management and treatment so that the patient finds long-lasting success after his/her stay at Holly Hill Hospital.  For questions about discharge, you may contact your family member’s assigned therapist.


Getting Updates on Your Family Member:

Treatment at a behavioral health hospital isn’t exactly like treatment at a medical hospital.  Updates on your family member will center more around the patient’s involvement and motivation in treatment, and their mood during the day.  When you call to check-in, you are likely to speak with a nurse or a mental health technician who are the best points of contact for updates on the day to day progress of your family member. You may find it helpful to ask: “Is my family member attending groups?”  “How is my family member’s mood today?”  “Is my family member taking their medications?”

Phone & Visitation Times:

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