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Frequently Asked Questions

Holly Hill Hospital strives to provide a serene and comfortable treatment experience for everyone we serve. Most of our patients and their families have questions about their stay with us, so we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions for you.

How long can I expect to be in treatment?2023-12-13T07:28:39+00:00

The length of treatment varies depending on your reasons for admission, your response to treatment and your progress toward your treatment goals. The average length of stay at Holly Hill Hospital is around 10 days.

What can I expect when undergoing treatment at Holly Hill Hospital?2023-11-20T13:58:16+00:00

Holly Hill provides short-term, acute crisis stabilization. Like most acute mental health hospitals, we primarily use group therapy, as it can be much more effective for recovery. The treatment team at Holly Hill encourages all patients to include their family/significant others in their recovery. The assigned therapist will talk to designated family members and set up a family session, as appropriate to treatment. Patients are expected to participate in the unit activities unless their attending physician indicates they are too ill to attend programming. Patient phones are not available while groups are in session.

What can I expect from the Treatment Team?2023-11-20T13:57:25+00:00
  • Psychiatrist – He or she directs medical management while at Holly Hill. Patients will be seen by a psychiatrist within the first 24 hours of admission.
  • Registered Nurses – They are responsible for daily activities as well as medical and emotional needs. The RNs participate in behavior management and administer medications as ordered by the physician.
  • Mental Health Technicians – They assist with daily activities, supervising program groups and activities, taking vital signs and accompanying patients to off-unit activities.
  • Recreation Therapist – He or she assists with recreational activities as tools to enhance patient self-esteem, problem-solving and social skills.
  • Social Worker/Therapist – He or she organizes discharge plans with the patient, family, psychiatrist and community. The therapist provides group therapy for patients on the unit.
Can I make and receive phone calls?2023-11-30T08:53:42+00:00

Yes, adults may make calls during most non-therapy times, but please leave cell phones at home. To protect your privacy, you will be assigned a confidential ID number at admission. To receive calls from your family or friends, they will need to use this number. We ask that family members wait to call until listed phone times so as not to disrupt the treatment program.

Visit our Visitation page for more information on phone times.

Is this confidential?2023-12-23T23:57:46+00:00

Absolutely. Rigorously enforced laws of confidentiality help protect your rights to privacy. We cannot confirm or deny your presence in our facility without your written permission. We also have more information on HIPAA here.

What can I expect during a typical day at Holly Hill Hospital?2023-11-20T13:52:52+00:00

The treatment day varies by program, but there are many common elements. During the first 24 hours, a patient will have a nursing assessment, a history and physical along with a psychiatric evaluation. Daily treatment components include daily doctor visits and group and recreational therapy. Patients with substance abuse issues will participate in AA/NA meetings in-house.

Information on a day in our Partial Hospitalization Program can be found here.

What are the visiting hours?2023-12-26T12:33:03+00:00

Visiting hours vary by individual unit and can be found by clicking the button below. In addition to these scheduled visitation times, you will be allowed to visit following any scheduled family therapy session. Our first priority is the safety of our patients and guests, so we ask that visitors keep all personal items such as purses, bags or any sharp items in their vehicle as they are not allowed on the units. Outside food and drink is also not allowed, and photo ID is required to visit.

Visiting Hours

What about costs?2023-11-20T13:51:25+00:00

We are a preferred provider for most commercial insurance plans. We also accept Medicare, Managed Medicaid and TRICARE®. Please call our assessment or business office and they can answer your individual concerns and questions.

What can I expect regarding discharge from Holly Hill?2024-01-31T14:44:05+00:00
  • A physician’s order is required before any patient can be discharged from Holly Hill Hospital.
  • The treatment team makes a decision regarding a discharge date based on patient symptoms and needs. Patients are given an estimated length of stay upon admission. This may change over the course of the patient’s hospital stay based on individual needs.
  • Patients admitted to Holly Hill Hospital on a voluntary basis may submit a 72-hour request for discharge at any time. This gives the physician and treatment team a 72-hour time frame to determine if the patient is cleared for discharge. Any Holly Hill staff member can supply the patient with the 72-hour request for discharge form.
  • All patients are required to have aftercare appointments prior to being discharged. The assigned therapist will coordinate with the patient to connect them to an existing provider or to refer to new services.
  • Holly Hill Hospital attempts to complete discharges prior to 11 am. Please coordinate transportation on the day of discharge to accommodate this time frame. Notify the assigned therapist as soon as possible if this will not be feasible.
What If I Am A Member of The Military?2023-11-20T13:49:18+00:00

Our facility is an active participant in our community in educating veterans about the COMPACT and Missions Acts. We strive to work in conjunction with our community partners to assure all Veterans know how to access care in a suicidal crisis.

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